Ludum Dare Team Submissions 29-31 (A-Bomb and ya Bois)

These games were created with friends on a team we call A-Bomb and ya Bois over 3 different game jams.
See our team’s blog here: Tumblr

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This game jam was filmed and turned into a mini documentary by a friend of mine named Alex Gilroy. Check out his website here: alexgilroy.com

Sub-Cirrus is a simple city building game in which you balance your resources with your population.
Game Page: Ludum Dare 29

Going Up? is a game about being the elevator boy in an 1800s city. Control the great equalizer and move rich and poor alike!
Game Page: Ludum Dare 30

Order Up! is a fast paced, diner dash style game with simple pixel art graphics.
Game Page: Ludum Dare 31

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