De Skogen

De Skogen is an atmospheric exploration game currently in development. It was started for Ludum Dare 35 and continued for Adventure Jam 2016. Development will continue through the summer towards an eventual release of the full game. The title is currently slated to change to increase accuracy and to make the game easy to find.


2016-05-14 20_19_08-Unity Personal (64bit) - Test.unity - LD35-2 - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_ _DX11 SkogenConcept2 2016-04-16 15_39_50-Unity Personal (64bit) - LD35.unity - LD35-2 - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_ _DX11 2016-04-18 16 (2) 2016-04-18 16 2016-04-18 17_15_56-Unity Personal (64bit) - Menu.unity - LD35-2 - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_ _DX11 'u

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